RF Conference
ASML Christophe Fouquet

Christophe Fouquet takes the reins at ASML

ASML CEO Peter Wennink and CTO Martin van den Brink are stepping down next year. Company veteran Christophe Fouquet will take on both their roles.

Northvolt Ett
28 November

Sweden’s Northvolt touts sodium battery for energy storage applications

The energy density of the Swedish battery is similar to that of lithium-ion batteries currently used in energy storage without the need for lithium or other critical metals.

Innovationquarter Anton Duisterwinkel

Is digitalization effective – and should it be supported?

Digitalization in industry is improving labor productivity, but smaller companies have cold feet.


Lely Horizon
6 November

Toward a sustainable future with data-driven dairy farming

Since the introduction of the finger wheel rake in 1948 by brothers Cornelis and Arij van der Lely, their company has been at the forefront of innovation in the agricultural sector. Today, 75 years later, Lely continues to strive toward a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future for farmers by making their lives easier.


Device lifecycle management for fleets of IoT devices

Microchip gives insight on device management, what exactly is it, how to implement it and how to roll over the device management during the roll out phase when the products are in the field. Read more. .

News & Analysis

EPFL in memory processor
21 November

Swiss take in-memory computing 2D

Looking to further improve the energy efficiency of electronics, Swiss researchers have come up with an in-memory computing component based on 2D materials.


20230530 HTI Wendy Luiten RRA03515
7 November

“Without statistics, you’re unlikely to find your best performance and realize consistency”

It’s easier than ever to do complex calculations and design simulations. Yet in the end, according to Wendy Luiten, it all boils down to how a design will work out of the lab, in a real product, in a real environment. That’s why she’s teaching a new course called “Applied statistics for R&D” at High Tech Institute. “Statistics is often under-applied, which is a pity because it can really contribute to success.”


20230606 AAE Ralf Noijen RRA03563
6 November

Hashing over optics

To better understand customer technology and applications, Ralf Noijen, systems engineer at AAE, took the “Applied optics” course at High Tech Institute. “We like to weigh in at a high level.”

Photondelta Ewit Roos
16 October

CEO leaves Photondelta with one last piece of advice: “Never think you’ve won”

Ewit Roos, the man who at the helm of Photondelta helped put the Dutch integrated-photonics prowess on the map, is stepping down. Having infused the ecosystem with a healthy sense of urgency, he leaves strengthening the links between the photonics and the semiconductor industry to his successor.

20230127 Thermo Fisher Yolanda van Dinther RRA_4855
10 July

Making electron microscopes smarter, Tesla-style

From Eindhoven, Yolanda van Dinther is building a global software team that’s propelling Thermo Fisher Scientific in its digital transformation. “We’ve come a long way in making our electron microscopes even smarter with software, data and AI.”

vote element5 digital T9CXBZLUvic unsplash

Knowledge migrants dismissed

Over two million Dutch voters have expressed to refugees, migrant workers and knowledge workers that they’re not welcome in the Netherlands. In Veldhoven, with 26 percent of the vote, the PVV did slightly better than country-wide; in Eindhoven, the radical right-wing party still got over a fifth of the votes.

Jan Bosch
27 November

Strategic digital product management

New technologies such as software, data and AI allow for much faster feedback cycles and, consequently, the use of experimentation to reduce uncertainty and significantly increase the ROI on R&D investments. To accomplish this, we need to clearly define the principles, scopes, activities, factors and roles and responsibilities of product management.