Industrial 5G Conference

The hidden costs of software inventory

Many CEOs, CFOs and business owners will have experienced the impact of not delivering planned innovations on time. Oftentimes, the software team is (perceived to be) the main bottleneck. While investments in skills and processes can help, a significant contributor is frequently overlooked: the software inventory.

21 January

Why ASML isn’t going full-throttle on EUV this year

ASML isn’t utilizing its full EUV scanner manufacturing capacity this year, even though customers would love to get more. Why?


Make happy customers

Last week, I gave a presentation to a company that’s in the midst of a strategy revamp. I always admire leadership teams that take on the incredibly difficult challenge of taking a step back and reviewing how the organization is operating right now and what change in direction is required to achieve future success. As the saying goes, what got us here in many cases won’t get us there.


20 January

Making progress measurable in manufacturing

Angelo Hulshout has the ambition to bring the benefits of production agility to the market and set up a new business around that. Next to technical challenges, this also raises business-level questions.

News & Analysis

11 December 2020

Quix highlights its competitive edge in photonic quantum computing

With the release of a new generation quantum photonic processor, startup Quix wants to show the world that it has the superior technology to succeed in this emerging field.


15 December 2020

Power duo puts all their effort into Eindhoven Engine

Internally, everything has been in place since October, but now, the outside world may know as well. The High Tech Systems Center (HTSC) of Eindhoven University of Technology is being integrated into Eaisi, the Eindhoven research institute for artificial intelligence. With the transition, HTSC figureheads Katja Pahnke and Maarten Steinbuch think it’s time to hand over the baton. They now have their hands free for their next Apollo project: Eindhoven Engine.


19 January

TUE’s remote labs enhance experimental setups from home

Zoom, Teams and Hangouts: for many people around the world, these online platforms have become the new method of communicating during the pandemic. Physical work, however, was either stopped or continued with restrictions and health risks. New online methods, like the remote lab setups from Eindhoven University of Technology, can help solve that problem and make physical presence a thing of the past.

24 November 2020

TUE PDEng answers the call to drive the future of industry

The link between industry and academia is crucial for preparing the workforce of tomorrow. As industrial leaders look to TUs for advanced engineers to fill leadership roles, TUE’s PDEng program answers the call by infusing personal and professional development into students with training.

17 November 2020

“Testing is tattooed on my forehead”

When he was a student, he didn’t have the slightest interest in chips, let alone in testing them. Now, Erik Jan Marinissen is an authority in the IC test and design-for-test arena and even teaches on the subject.

20 January

Ask the headhunter

My daughter is a mathematics graduate. Three years ago, after finishing her studies, she left for Sweden to live there with her (Dutch) boyfriend. Last fall, he obtained his PhD from Stockholm University. After much deliberation, they decided to return to the Netherlands.

18 January

Continuous dialog

During the Christmas break, I read several books including “Sense & respond” by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden. The authors frame the difference between traditional and digital companies in terms of the absence or presence, respectively, of a continuous dialog with the market and the customers. Of course, traditional companies interact with the market and talk to customers, but once a product specification has been defined, the product developed and the product is ready for sales, the discussion is mostly concerned with getting customers to actually buy the darn thing.