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ASML Peter Wennink Results 2019
20 September

Wennink’s warning

ASML CEO Peter Wennink worries about Dutch industries not keeping up with the world. Underneath his words of warning lurk tough political choices.

Wurth Figure 1
20 September

An insight into the voltage dependence of ferroelectric ceramic capacitors

Ferroelectric multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) can maintain stable electric polarization even without an external electrical field. As a result, they have a voltage-dependent capacitance. Würth Elektronik explains how this works.

UT Bram Nauta
20 September

Introducing the SICK Journal

Dear professor Nauta, we hope this letter finds you well. Because of your achievements and extensive network in the field, we’d like to invite you to become editor-in-chief of the prestigious System Integration, Circuits and Knowledge Journal.


24 August

Chinese tech expats in Europe are on a mission

Efforts to ‘encourage’ Chinese techies working in Europe to return to the motherland are exceedingly successful, a US intelligence firm finds.

Microchip Single Pair Ethernet

Bringing Ethernet to the Edge of Industrial Networks

Microchip has introduced new industrial-grade Single Pair Ethernet devices that implement the 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1 physical layer. These products bring Ethernet all the way to the edge of industrial networks. Read more about Microchip’s Single Pair Ethernet.

News & Analysis

Phe nx Nanos
19 September

Electron optics rebels come up with new dwarf microscope

After about three years of operating under the radar, startup Phe-nx presents its first tabletop microscope, called Nanos.


20230127 Thermo Fisher Yolanda van Dinther RRA_4855
10 July

Making electron microscopes smarter, Tesla-style

From Eindhoven, Yolanda van Dinther is building a global software team that’s propelling Thermo Fisher Scientific in its digital transformation. “We’ve come a long way in making our electron microscopes even smarter with software, data and AI.”


22 August

Taking performance analysis to the system level

Within the Maestro project, ASML and TNO-ESI are working on a model-based methodology to diagnose and predict system performance. Building on a tool developed in an earlier collaboration, they’re looking to reactively identify and analyze productivity issues in the field as they’re gradually moving on to proactively tackling potential problems.

20230228 Thermo Fisher Julien Bryan Johan RRA_5187 big
8 March

Goodbye manual test cases, hello model-based testing

After many success stories in other markets, model-based testing is starting to gain momentum in high tech. Julien Schmaltz from CGI, Johan Poelsma from ICT and Bryan Bakker from Sioux are committed to strengthening the foothold.

ASM Ivo Raaijmakers 1 big
14 December 2022

Thin layers paved the way for ASM’s success

ASM played a key role in developing a deposition technique that has saved Moore’s law more than once. Outgoing CTO Ivo Raaijmakers explains what atomic layer deposition has brought the semiconductor industry – and ASM – and what more is in store.

Jan Bosch
18 September

There’s no such thing as artificial intelligence

Many have very little clue of what they’re talking about and use the concept of AI completely inaccurately.

Sander Arts
11 September

AI isn’t all about speeds and feeds

Commercial success in AI isn’t merely about performance, explains Sander Arts.