NIST hair

A sweet new microprinting technique

A new technique leverages the properties of common table sugar to transfer lithographic patterns onto the most complex of surfaces.


Standard time becomes more tech friendly

To stay relevant in a highly digitalized world, the official standard time is ditching the leap second.

TUE Peter de With

AI is going green

AI and deep learning surveillance techniques are making inroads in food production, observes Peter de With.


Norsk close up with burst
9 November

ASML embraces 3D for its carrier structures

Hittech and Norsk Titanium are set to use 3D techniques and post-processing to produce carrier structures for ASML. The savings on energy, time and material are substantial. Investments in CNC machines can be significantly reduced.

News & Analysis

ASML Peter Wennink Results 2019
17 November

ASML looking to finally get ahead of Moore’s law

Never knowing what new applications Moore’s law will enable next, ASML decided to start expecting the unexpected.


Martin van den Brink 1
22 September

Hyper-NA after high-NA? ASML CTO Van den Brink isn’t convinced

After decades of innovation in lithography, high-NA EUV might prove to be the end of the line, thinks ASML CTO Martin van den Brink.


Goudsmit Mampaey
1 November

Goudsmit Magnetics becomes multiphysical

For over 60 years, it has been all magnets at Goudsmit Magnetics. The family business from Waalre develops and produces all kinds of solutions and applications based on magnetism. However, more and more other physical properties come into play. For their multiphysical modeling and calculations, the engineers now rely heavily on tooling from Comsol.

20220818 Dassault Dragos Dascalu RRA_2901
21 September

A chart of colors can do wonders in a decision-making moment

Dragos Dascalu of Dassault Systèmes is passionate about sustainability. He’s convinced that tooling is instrumental in making sustainability issues more transparent and in streamlining the decision-making process.

High Tech Systems Center medical robot
7 July

High Tech Systems Center still alive and kicking

The High Tech Systems Center has been part of the Eindhoven AI institute EAISI for two years now. The mechatronics center sometimes seems to have been blown away by the AI storm, but the research themes surrounding high-tech systems go much further than just artificial intelligence. There are voices in favor of giving HTSC more of its own identity again.

Jan Bosch foto serie 1000×5637
28 November

Boost your digitalization: concluding thoughts

After more than thirty blog posts discussing the details of eight dimensions identified as important for companies that aim to transition from traditional to digital companies, Jan Bosch wraps up.

Carel van der Poel
23 November

Lifetime employment

After meeting up with some of his colleagues from way back, Philips veteran Carel van der Poel shares some of their collective knowledge.