ASML high NA cleanroom Veldhoven 068

Roles of major chipmakers reversed in high-NA adoption

Samsung and TSMC were first to take EUV in production, now they may take a backseat to Intel.

20240312 Demcon Stefan Rutjes HTSM2024 02 RRA06959
15 May

“Delving deeper made me a better system architect”

Stefan Rutjes learned the trade of system architect on the job at Demcon. Still, he was looking to deepen his knowledge. That’s why he took the systems architecting course at High Tech Institute.

TUE Peter de With
15 May

Beethoven and the cheese slicer

Peter de With welcomes the 2.5-billion-euro “Beethoven” investment in the Brainport, though he notes that it can’t make up for the funds that were lost when the National Growth Fund was put on ice.


20240112 Kris van Rens RRA06502
8 May

A deep dive in C++20

C++ has evolved a lot over time. Software engineers who are still using outdated paradigms of the programming language don’t realize its potential to the fullest. In his “C++ fundamentals” training at High Tech Institute, computer programming enthusiast Kris van Rens introduces C++20, including topics like templates and ranges.

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News & Analysis

UT Paul Havinga
In memoriam
13 May

Paul Havinga (1962-2024), smart sensor pioneer

“If there was ever a scientist who represented the entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Twente, it was Paul.”


Trumpf Sebastian Pricking 1
9 April

“Technical knowledge wasn’t enough, I needed to see the big picture”

Sebastian Pricking from the German company Trumpf knows what he’s talking about when it comes to lasers. Yet, when he was promoted to lead the development of a new fiber-based laser, technical knowledge alone wasn’t enough. He had to become a system architect. That’s why he took the “Systems architect(ing)” course at High Tech Institute.


Autonomous vehicle
7 May

Co-designing hardware and software for a sustainable future of AI

The adoption of AI models is taking off at an unprecedented scale. However, even more widespread AI use in its current technological state could lead to an environmental disaster due to its substantial energy consumption. At the Advanced Engineering expo, on 15 and 16 May in Antwerp, Ben Stoffelen, department manager of AI at Imec, discusses how a co-design approach for hardware and software could address AI’s sustainability issues.

20240205 Promexx John Kris Oscar RRA06635
25 March

Growing with the customer without compromising on quality

Despite changing hands in a recent management buyout, Promexx Technical Automation continues the path it’s been following for the last twenty years in its secondment services for technical software development. Its core values haven’t changed: passion for high-tech software development, commitment to quality and personal attention.

33819D18CPA_PORTRAIT_Curt Preissner_PRINT2
1 February

How a mechatronics course pushed the synchrotron community forward

As an engineer working on particle accelerators, Curt Preissner ran into the limits of their design philosophy. That’s why he and a colleague took the “Mechatronics system design – part 1” course at High Tech Institute. This allowed them to introduce a new design approach into the synchrotron community, and better talk to vendors. “You need to be able to communicate what keeps you up at night.”

Jan Bosch
13 May

From Agile to Radical: redefine success

Rather than seeking to respond rapidly when surprise hits, companies should spend resources to prepare for disruptions.

Lakana Robert Howe
25 April

Your country needs you!

The Brainport’s unique expertise in systems and software engineering is needed to prop up the Dutch defense industry, argues Robert Howe.