ASML Christophe Fouquet
18 April

ASML still patiently waiting for the upswing

Slashing hopes of a quicker-than-expected recovery, ASML’s order intake tumbled in Q1. High-NA EUV lithography passed a new milestone.

US manufacturing investment
17 April

US Chips Act triggers massive investment spree

If all the announced investments pan out, the US would raise its global semiconductor manufacturing share to 20 percent.

Jan Bosch

From Agile to Radical: vision

We should define our strategy in quantitative, measurable terms, commit to it and then be responsive when external events affect our execution.


barn and cows
10 April

Spectrik’s real-time sensor could offer a way out of the nitrogen crisis

A startup based in Eindhoven may be able to put a stop to the Dutch ‘nitrogen wars.’ Using Spectrik’s integrated photonics-based sensor, farmers and policymakers will be able to quantify nitrogen output, thus providing the much-needed hard data to curb emissions.

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News & Analysis

Intel Xeon
11 April

Is Intel too big to fail?

It’s hard to see how foreign firms building fabs in the US could ever completely soothe American national security jitters over semiconductor supply.


Trumpf Sebastian Pricking 1
9 April

“Technical knowledge wasn’t enough, I needed to see the big picture”

Sebastian Pricking from the German company Trumpf knows what he’s talking about when it comes to lasers. Yet, when he was promoted to lead the development of a new fiber-based laser, technical knowledge alone wasn’t enough. He had to become a system architect. That’s why he took the “Systems architect(ing)” course at High Tech Institute.


ChatGPT diagram of its own structure big
8 April

Augmented rather than artificial – and that’s a good thing

The success of ChatGPT has certainly made a lot of people question what the future will look like. Angelo Hulshout contemplates the impact on the software development community.

20240205 Promexx John Kris Oscar RRA06635
25 March

Growing with the customer without compromising on quality

Despite changing hands in a recent management buyout, Promexx Technical Automation continues the path it’s been following for the last twenty years in its secondment services for technical software development. Its core values haven’t changed: passion for high-tech software development, commitment to quality and personal attention.

33819D18CPA_PORTRAIT_Curt Preissner_PRINT2
1 February

How a mechatronics course pushed the synchrotron community forward

As an engineer working on particle accelerators, Curt Preissner ran into the limits of their design philosophy. That’s why he and a colleague took the “Mechatronics system design – part 1” course at High Tech Institute. This allowed them to introduce a new design approach into the synchrotron community, and better talk to vendors. “You need to be able to communicate what keeps you up at night.”

IR Search Anton van Rossum
17 April

Ask the headhunter

After my PhD, I worked for 15 years as an architect and designer on analog ASIC systems in an academic environment. At a certain moment, our life in Iran became unaffordable due to the huge inflation rate of 30-40 percent. Combined with the repressive political climate, this made me and my wife decide to build a better future for us and our children in Europe.

Jan Bosch
15 April

From Agile to Radical

As a strawman proposal to start a conversation, Jan Bosch proposes Radical as the next paradigm. It incorporates many aspects of Agile but lets go of some and adds several new perspectives.