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Veldhoven cleanroom DUV assembly_web
21 July

ASML CEO: “We’ve structurally underestimated growth in the industry”

As chipmakers race to add capacity, orders are pouring in at ASML. Part of the demand stems from the current chip shortage, but underneath there are long-term growth trends that the equipment maker didn’t acknowledge before. Preparations to expand manufacturing capacity in Veldhoven are underway.

Newport Wafer Fab
12 July

UK to review Nexperia’s fab acquisition

After being pressured by Members of Parliament, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a review of Nexperia’s purchase of a Welsh wafer fab on security grounds.

Frank Verhage
14 July

Brainport needs more salespeople

Brainport is so infatuated with its own technologies that it has lost sight of what matters most: whether people want to buy them.


Robot floor cleaner insights.rlist_.io_
15 July

Security study on cleaning robots also shows Chinese innovative strength

It turns out, cleaning robots suck in data just as well as they suck in mess. This begs the question, just how private and secure are these robots? When China expert Sanne van der Lugt interviewed eight manufacturers, it also became clear to her that Chinese companies have started to outpace Western companies with more advanced and innovative products.

News & Analysis

AMD Epyc
8 July

Moore’s Law starts a new chapter – yet again

Reports of the death of Moore’s Law are greatly exaggerated. Chipmakers just have to shift gears once in a while, like they’re doing now by embracing chiplets.


HTI Jack Leijssen 01
7 July

Raising awareness about electrical intricacies

A trip to Philips Semiconductors in the US made his reputation as an electronic design specialist within Philips. Ever since, Jack Leijssen has been spreading his holistic view on EMC, signal integrity and the like, both inside the company and out, through High Tech Institute.


Airbus urban mobility Shenzhen
12 July

Airbus takes PDEng trainees on a flight into the future

“Whenever people ask me about the project I’m doing for Airbus, I tell them that we’re working with lasers in space, like in a sci-fi movie,” jokes PDEng Software Technology trainee Nastaran Bajalan. She’s leading the team that’s looking into free-space optical communication, one of two collaborations the aerospace giant has embarked on with the TUE’s post-graduate program.

Neways Roel Vossen
24 June

A family of engineers

An electromechanical designer turned operations manager, Roel Vossen is the prototypical Neways employee. “Looking to combine a diverse working environment at the cutting edge of technology with a familial atmosphere.”

Bram Bergen
10 June

Time management skills help “get more done with less stress”

Distractions and disruptions are the enemies of work efficiency. To push through and keep your daily tasks on track, time management skills are a necessity. Looking for tools and tips to enhance your workplace efficiency? High Tech Institute’s “Time management in innovation” training has you covered.

Jan Bosch foto serie 1000×5636
12 July

Outdated belief #5: Bill of materials trumps everything

A long time ago, I had a discussion with a software architect working for a consumer electronics company. We talked about development efficiency and he explained to me the economics of high-volume manufacturing. When you manufacture a million televisions and you can squeeze one euro out of the bill-of-materials cost, you’ve made the company a million.

Surfix Maarten Buijs
7 July

Breakthrough innovation: a personal journey

Maarten Buijs shares his personal experience in trying to get innovations to the market before startups were a thing.