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A chart of colors can do wonders in a decision-making moment

Dragos Dascalu of Dassault Systèmes is passionate about sustainability. He’s convinced that tooling is instrumental in making sustainability issues more transparent and in streamlining the decision-making process.

electric car charging
28 September

Diamond quantum sensor extends EV driving range

By measuring the current outputs of battery packs much more accurately, a Japanese quantum sensor could extend the driving range of electric vehicles by as much as 10 percent. Not knowing exactly how much juice is left in your electric vehicle’s battery pack isn’t merely anxiety inducing, it limits range. After all, if the onboard […]

Cees Michielsen

Trend 4: The W model

High Tech Institute trainer Cees Michielsen highlights a handful of trends in the field of system requirements engineering.


Hanze quantum cloud providers

The practical prospects of quantum computing for enterprises

The theoretical promises of quantum computing have been notoriously glorified by pop-science articles in recent years. The practical and feasible applications, however, are still scarce. This begs the question of what companies can do with this technology right now. At CGI, a proof of concept was developed to see how quantum computers could be integrated into existing enterprise software architectures.

News & Analysis

19 September

In quantum computing, size isn’t the only thing that matters

Canada’s Xanadu is the latest company to claim a quantum advantage. While delivering an impressive result, the demonstration doesn’t represent progress for every aspect of quantum computing, says one expert. Currently, a popular way to demonstrate a computational advantage in optical quantum computing is boson sampling. This technique is quite difficult to grasp for the […]


Martin van den Brink 1
22 September

Hyper-NA after high-NA? ASML CTO Van den Brink isn’t convinced

After decades of innovation in lithography, high-NA EUV might prove to be the end of the line, thinks ASML CTO Martin van den Brink. ASML is in a state of high alert. Last year, the company raised its production targets twice: it wants to ship some 600 DUV and 90 EUV scanners by 2025, up […]


XTPL UPD features
28 September

Taiwanese equipment builder integrates Polish additive technology for microcontact lines

The challenge in additive manufacturing for modern microelectronics is printing ultra-thin and highly conductive interconnects. The Polish company XTPL has developed an ultra-precise deposition technology that tackles this. CEO Filip Granek explains the technology. He’ll also give a talk during the Bits&Chips Sysarch webinar on 13 October. Additive manufacturing is an indispensable tool for prototyping […]

High Tech Systems Center medical robot
7 July

High Tech Systems Center still alive and kicking

The High Tech Systems Center has been part of the Eindhoven AI institute EAISI for two years now. The mechatronics center sometimes seems to have been blown away by the AI storm, but the research themes surrounding high-tech systems go much further than just artificial intelligence. There are voices in favor of giving HTSC more of its own identity again.

20200924 Sysarch Jon Holt DSC_8198
19 May

“MBSE isn’t an overnight activity, it’s an evolution”

Jon Holt, Incose fellow and professor of systems engineering at Cranfield University, is sharing his 30-year experience in model-based systems engineering in a training course that will be offered in collaboration with High Tech Institute. “It’s not about technology, it’s about business change in a technical environment.” Is model-based systems engineering a hype? “MBSE isn’t […]

Jan Bosch foto serie 1000×56316

Boost your digitalization: artificial intelligence

Every few weeks, it appears, we’re treated to another breakthrough innovation in artificial intelligence. Whether it’s Deepmind’s system beating the world champion Go player, GPT-3 dazzling us with Turing-test-breaking abilities or Dalle-2 generating images that are simply stunning, it seems like we’re on the cusp of general AI. In reality, in my view, we’re much less advanced than what these news-making innovations seem to suggest, and for the typical company that I work with, many of the machine learning and deep learning (ML/DL) models are still living mostly in prototypes and experimental setups.

end of the road
29 September

The end of the road(map)

ASML CTO Martin van den Brink dropped a bombshell recently: the transistor could stop shrinking in ten years or so. The implications are far more serious for ASML itself than for semiconductor technology. Martin van den Brink already predicted in 2007 (link in Dutch) that it will be economics, and not physics, that’s going to […]