Sigasi Extension for Visual Studio Code

What are the most annoying or time-consuming parts of writing VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog? Surely it’s the verification/editing/checking/linting. How frustrating is it to have to go back and rework code after the fact? Time you could be spending moving forward in your project, rather than reworking for errors.

Sigasi has an extension for that! Originally developed for Eclipse, Sigasi realized that its solutions are the perfect fit for VS Code users, too – especially given that the Microsoft-created code editor is rapidly becoming  the most popular IDE.

In December, we’re releasing the first full version of our VS Code extension. Let’s take a look inside:

Upfront verification

Our extension gives you instant feedback in real time. No waiting for a full linting process first, no having to run a full check before you get alerts about possible errors or issues. We verify your code upfront,  as you type it.

Powerful features

From basic editing features like block selection and syntax highlights to advanced features like autocompletes, code navigation, and linting, we’re here to fully support you as you design. Crucially, Sigasi understands semantics as well as syntax: our extension provides deep analysis & reference understanding for your code. In other words, it’s much smarter than just word search.

One and Done

One time download. No multiple set-up steps, no extra packages. Updates automatically, seamlessly. In fact, you can use our VS Code extension along with the license and Sigasi set-up you already have for other projects. It’s all about seamless integration here.

We’ve got your back

Our team of engineers has been working on Sigasi’s solutions for HDL designers for 14 years. We offer support for any questions or issues you may come up against as you work. Our team is also constantly working on improvements, bug fixes, and updates, so you can be assured you’ve always got the most up-to-date and helpful tool possible.

Polyglot capabilities

Whether you’re using VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, or even a mix of these, the Sigasi extension has you covered. We know the languages deeply: Sigasi works with them, not despite them.

Importantly, VS Code users are getting the full Sigasi experience. VS Code is portable, but our extension has all the bells and whistles of our full Sigasi Studio. What’s more, we’re fully integrated into the broad VS Code ecosystem. The IDE has lots of extensions that let you customize your experience just the way you like it. We get it, and our extension plays nice with all those other options.

Some specific features (for the engineers in the audience):

Sigasi’s VS Code extension is part of our wider IDE ecosystem, which is getting an upgrade as 2022 comes to a close:

Your main goal is to design as efficiently as possible, right? That’s what Sigasi is all about.
With our VS Code extension, that’s what you’ll be doing while coding in the most popular editor on the market today.

How to get started with Sigasi: