ASML embraces 3D for its carrier structures

René Raaijmakers
Reading time: 9 minutes

Hittech and Norsk Titanium are set to use 3D techniques and post-processing to produce carrier structures for ASML. The savings on energy, time and material are substantial. Investments in CNC machines can be significantly reduced.

Mike Canario, CEO of Norsk Titanium, is in the best, almost exuberant mood. The American is visiting Hittech Bihca in Winterswijk. He and his Dutch hosts have just received the green light from Veldhoven: Hittech and Norsk are allowed to produce ASML’s carrier structures with 3D technology.

Each wafer scanner contains two of these complex manufacturing pieces. At Hittech Bihca, they still mill them from a block of 220 kilos of solid titanium. With a combination of 3D metal printing at Norsk and finishing at Hittech, the material consumption will soon be less than half.

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