Jan Bosch is a research center director, professor, consultant and angel investor in startups. You can contact him at jan@janbosch.com.


Boost your digitalization: concluding thoughts

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After more than thirty blog posts discussing the details of eight dimensions identified as important for companies that aim to transition from traditional to digital companies, Jan Bosch wraps up.

Having worked on the digitalization topic for the last decade or more, with dozens of companies and in a variety of capacities, ranging from researcher to consultant, I keep being amazed at the multi-dimensional, highly interconnected nature of the challenge as well as the lack of understanding and the confusion around the topic. Of course, the purpose of this series is to provide more structure and understanding, but a blog can only bring people so far. Reflecting on the last months as I worked my way through the topic, there are a few concluding thoughts I want to share before moving on to the next series (on product development).

The first reflection is that the notion of continuous value delivery to customers is still highly controversial in many companies. My view is that the essence of digitalization is a fundamental shift from transactional to continuous value delivery. How this materializes is a topic for discussion in companies. Some discuss it only for services surrounding their product. Others consider it for the software in their products but not the hardware. The most enlightened ones are open to offering the entire product, including the ‘atoms,’ in a continuous value delivery model.

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