Eindhoven Engine calls roll for 2019 project selectees

Collin Arocho
Reading time: 2 minutes

After months of evaluation and discussion, the results are in for Eindhoven Engine’s 2019 open call. In total, four projects were chosen, representing a combined R&D effort of more than 10 million euros, for which 1.4 million euros of Regio Deal funding has now been made available. Selected projects include Continuous Monitoring and Fault Detections Diagnosis of Large Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Systems (CM-FDD-HVAC), Intelligent Lighting (Intellight+), Maverick Telecom Technologies (Project Smarttwo+) and Social Connectedness and Self Tracking for Prevention and Diagnosis of Heart Disease (So-strap).

CM-FDD-HVAC, led by Kropman, detects faults in the operation of HVAC plants and diagnoses their origin to support energy-efficient operation. Intellight+, led by Signify, looks to build on the latest insights in new light sources, IoT developments and lighting impacts on human functioning by developing algorithms, light designs and new methodologies to calculate the most efficient optical designs for humans.

The Smarttwo+ project is a follow-up to the previous Smartone project and is designed to investigate the possibilities of achieving a more integral systemic framework for previously established lines of research, specifically with regards to traffic flow modeling and control in a smart city environment, as well as a hybrid prototype wireless communication system that combines the strengths of the mm-wave and optical wireless communication technologies. Finally, So-strap, led by Cardiron, was designed to complement the NWO-funded Strap initiative and aims to reduce the burden of heart disease for patients, healthcare workers and society by the early detection of heart disease or its deterioration.

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