Incooling puts the freeze on Gigabyte’s overheating servers

Collin Arocho
Reading time: 1 minute

HightechXL standout Incooling has announced a new partnership with Gigabyte Technology, a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of computer hardware. In this collaboration, the Eindhoven startup will work side by side with the Taiwanese company to develop custom cooling systems for its overclocked server range. By leveraging specialized refrigerants using phase-change cooling, inside a pressure-controlled loop, Incooling’s technology can push temperatures far below the traditional data center air temperatures, unlocking a new class of turbocharged computers.

This is a highly efficient method that allows the exchange of the heat from the chip with the data center air with far less thermal resistance. When coupled with the R161 overclockable server from Gigabyte, the first tests of Incooling’s solutions showed up to 20 °C lower core temperatures, which contributes to a 10 percent increase in boost clock speed while lowering total power draw by 200 watts. The Eindhoven startup is also planning to adapt its cooling technology for other Gigabyte products, such as the H-Series multi-node servers for high-performance computing and the G-Series GPU servers for artificial intelligence. This will further contribute to reducing the currently excessively high energy consumption in servers that are using the highest-powered CPUs or GPUs.

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