Natlab – a lost love

Marcel Pelgrom consults on analog IC design.

Reading time: 5 minutes

Despite Philips’ decline, former researcher Marcel Pelgrom believes that the company would still benefit from a Natlab-style industrial research laboratory.

Once I had a stormy love affair. It lasted for 27 years and during those years, we met almost daily. From the moment we saw each other, I was sure: this is the love of my life! Everything one can wish from a platonic relationship was there: devotion, mutual trust, freedom, passion and a lot of inspiration. Mentioning my relationship always raised my profile, wherever I was in the world.

Of course, there were rough patches. Eleven years in, the money ran out and a split-up seemed inevitable. But our relationship survived, and although our goals started to diverge and we started to fight more often, our relationship still had moments of amazement, vibrancy and inspiration. Then, as often happens, the family-in-law threw me out. I won’t dwell on the frustration that gave me, but I never found a love as deep as this one.

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