Nowi and Murata partner for energy-autonomous LoRa IoT platforms

Collin Arocho
Reading time: 1 minute

Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Company has selected Delft’s Nowi for a new strategic partnership. The two sides will be joining forces to enable and simplify the development of sustainable energy-autonomous IoT platforms for use in “plug & forget solutions.” Through this collaboration, the duo is looking to bring to market reference platforms and designs that use Nowi’s extremely compact energy harvesting PMIC to power Murata’s ultra-small, ultra-low power consumption long-range (LoRa) modules.

The compact 60 x 65 mm modular platform is designed to maximize development versatility for end-users, offering LoRa connectivity by embedding Murata’s 1SJ or ABZ module and sending the data from the external sensor attached to the onboard sensor socket. Combined with Nowi’s ultra-small NH2 energy-harvesting PMIC, the platform allows for simple and fast development of low-cost energy-autonomous LoRa-connected products. The NH2 PMIC is designed to efficiently extract power from ambient energy sources to charge a wide variety of energy storage elements.

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