Power duo puts all their effort into Eindhoven Engine

Alexander Pil
Reading time: 10 minutes

Internally, everything has been in place since October, but now, the outside world may know as well. The High Tech Systems Center (HTSC) of Eindhoven University of Technology is being integrated into Eaisi, the Eindhoven research institute for artificial intelligence. With the transition, HTSC figureheads Katja Pahnke and Maarten Steinbuch think it’s time to hand over the baton. They now have their hands free for their next Apollo project: Eindhoven Engine.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) has set itself the ambitious goal of making the Brainport region the center of artificial intelligence, in particular AI in engineering. Last year, it started the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (Eaisi, pronounced easy), led by Carlo van de Weijer. In addition to Eires (the institute for renewable energy) and ICMS (molecular technology), Eaisi is one of the new pillars of Eindhoven’s research strategy for the future.

This choice and focus mean that the existing structures within TUE are repositioning themselves. Also at the High Tech Systems Center (HTSC), this calls for a change. The mechatronics center is going to operate under the umbrella of Eaisi. That might seem somewhat forced. While the HTSC does a host of projects and programs that fit perfectly under the heading of “artificial intelligence” – think of robotics and agri-food technology – there are many research lines that have little or nothing to do with AI.

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