Qblox racks up investment for its quantum computer controller

Paul van Gerven
Reading time: 1 minute

Qblox has received an investment from the Uniiq fund to further develop its scalable and modular control systems for quantum computers. The spin-off from Qutech recently completed a 50-qubit prototype, and the newly acquired capital will be used to further develop, test and refine the technology from Delft, as well as to launch the modules on a broader market.

Still an experimental technology, today’s quantum computers are built using mostly standard components, which aren’t necessarily optimized for their task. While adequate for research purposes, scaling up the quantum computer’s processing power requires dedicated solutions.

The control stack is one such component of the quantum computer that needed further development. It’s very bulky and requires a lot of cabling. By integrating several functions into one device, Qblox managed to save a lot of space without compromising performance and functionality. The control system is compatible with several types of quantum computers.

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