Qutech and co want to quantum-connect the Randstad

Paul van Gerven
Reading time: 1 minute

Qutech and three partners are launching a collaboration designed “to make significant progress” in building a quantum network connecting the Randstad – the biggest Dutch metropolitan area in the Netherlands. The project is intended to lead to new techniques, insights and standards that will bring a quantum network closer. Ultimately, the partners aim to build the very first fully functional quantum network using high-speed fiber connections.

Apart from Qutech, network operators KPN and Surf and Amsterdam-based network synchronization expert OPNT are participating in the project, which is co-funded by the public-private High-Tech Systems & Materials collaboration. “Working with these partners, we expect to have taken significant steps towards a quantum network by the end of the project,” says Erwin van Zwet, Internet Division Engineering Lead at Qutech.

KPN and Qutech were already working together. They announced their collaboration last year.

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