Jessica Vermeer
4 March 2020

Imec has presented eleven new startups that will join its Imec.istart business accelerator program. They were chosen from a record number of applications made in the autumn of 2019. All the program’s focus domains are represented, including Industry 4.0 and smart mobility.

“In addition to the crucial financing offered by Imec.istart, Imec’s industrial network is also a major asset for startups, as it provides them with insight into foreign markets and increases their reach and growth opportunities,” states program manager Sven De Cleyn. “Each starter receives support adapted to its specific market.”


Among the selected startups are Grizit, Lifeline, Lopos, Otiv and Tractonomy Robotics. Grizit markets an intelligent maintenance solution that monitors and optimizes manual lubrication of industrial production facilities to reduce downtime. Lifeline is building the world’s smallest wearable that contains a satellite transmitter, enabling it to work outside of the mobile network antenna range. Lopos is an Imec incubator project that, in collaboration with Ghent University, wants to monitor the position and behavior of animals using software and sensors. It focuses on livestock and research applications.

Otiv uses artificial intelligence to increase the safety of trams and railroad traffic. It does so by making aids for drivers that can eventually turn into autonomous driving for trams and trains. Tractonomy Robotics is building collaborative autonomous mobile robots for transporting industrial carts and pallets in production facilities and warehouses. Thanks to the use of AI, no changes to existing infrastructure are necessary.