Collin Arocho
11 November 2021

Telecoms expert Proximus, electric motorbike developer Saroléa and AI specialist ML6 have announced they’ve successfully tested a new 5G application for safer traffic. In the test setup, the Belgian trio mounted a mobile 5G modem and an HD dashcam onto a Saroléa bike. The connected dashcam then sent images to be processed by ML6’s AI algorithm in the cloud, where it was able to identify pedestrians, vehicles and other potential obstacles – all in real time and with high reliability, regardless of speeds or distances from the antenna.

Saroleo Manx7
Credit: Saroléa

According to collaborators, the test, with more than a 99 percent accuracy, shows that this new 5G application shows great potential to make traffic safer. Particularly with further technological advances that can send warnings to drivers or potentially force the vehicle to automatically slow down from a safer distance. “5G opens a world of possibilities for new intelligent computer vision applications. We believe that real-time video processing will drive innovation in a range of areas such as monitoring, security, quality control and real-time analytics for government, industry and agriculture,” says ML6 CEO Nicolas Deruytter. “5G allows connecting multiple high-resolution video streams to the cloud where they’re analyzed in real time, and the results are sent back to the scene or to a control room for intervention.”