Nieke Roos
30 October 2019

Eindhoven-based Adimec and Tegema have entered into a partnership to develop a machine that automatically aligns camera lenses to state-of-the-art CMOS image sensors. Building on 40 years of system integration experience in applied precision mechanics and mechatronics for factory automation, Tegema is taking care of the design and manufacturing. Adimec brings to the equation its 25-year history in high-end industrial imaging solutions. It plans to use the resulting modular system in a broad range of projects requiring high volumes and ultra-high accuracies.

Adimec TMX55 side front side
Adimec’s TMX55, from the company’s line of rugged daylight HD cameras. Credit: Adimec

Since its foundation in 1992, Adimec Advanced Image Systems has specialized in the development and production of high-end cameras that meet the requirements of large OEMs in machine vision, security and healthcare markets. Its True Accurate Imaging technology takes vision systems to a higher level of precision. “This new machine is a powerful addition to the possibilities we can offer to our customers worldwide, now and in the future,” says Leon van Rooijen, Business Line Director Global Security.