Collin Arocho
2 March 2020

Software solutions provider ICT has released its FY 2019 results. After a busy year of acquisitions, which include Additude, BNV (link in Dutch) and most recently Proficium, the Barendrecht-based company ended 2019 on somewhat uncertain ground. The good news: overall for the year, the business brought in 155.5 million euros, up 20 percent year over year. The bad news: net profit fell more than 70 percent, from 9.5 million euros in 2018 to 2.7 million in 2019. Going forward, ICT is looking to strengthen its position in the industries it services and continue to grow its global reach with expanded international operations.

Credit: ICT

“2019 got off to a good start with strong revenue growth, particularly in the high-tech and automotive industries, and as a result of acquisitions. During the summer, we were confronted with the abrupt termination of several projects, causing a considerable decrease in productivity. At the same time, we were confronted with a more prudent buying behavior in the industry in the latter part of the year,” explains ICT CEO Jos Blejie. “In 2019, we put more focus on our investment initiatives, with a specific aim at mobility as a service and the OrangeNXT solutions. To further drive our international reach, we’ll expand OrangeNXT and Additude to other countries and anticipate building more of our solutions in our nearshoring facilities in Bulgaria. Therefore, we’re confident that we’re able to deliver on our mid-term objectives by 2022.”