Paul van Gerven
7 November 2023

Photondelta has announced an investment in Spectrik, an Eindhoven-based startup working on an integrated-photonics gas sensor to measure ammonia emissions at livestock farms in real-time. This enables farmers to optimize their emission control systems, while policymakers will be able to gain detailed insight into emission distribution patterns. “Without Spectrik’s sensor, any reduction in ammonia emission can’t be verified or recognized. Hence, Spectrik provides the missing link to remove ammonia actively and credibly at farms across Europe,” says HightechXL CEO John Bell. Spectrik is currently in the incubator’s venture-building program.


Spectrik has recently joined forces with VTEC Laser & Control to accelerate the development of the ammonia sensor based on the startup’s chip. The aim is to produce a device that can be integrated into stable and/or air-cleaning systems. The initial focus will be on serving pig farms, with plans to expand into poultry and eventually dairy stables.