Alexander Pil
8 July 2019

Amsterdam-based e-scooter developer Etergo is entering into a manufacturing collaboration with Technologies Added in the northeast of the Netherlands. In the upcoming six months, a special assembly line will be set up in Emmen, building on the production site’s Cubicel concept. This will be the very first serial scooter line in the world. The production of the Appscooter is expected to start in the second quarter of next year, with an expected volume of 60 thousand units per year.

Etergo’s worldwide search for the ideal partner to set up its production line for e-scooters ended in their own backyard, at Technologies Added in Emmen. There, the Amsterdam company that became famous with its Appscooter found exactly what it was looking for: production craftsmanship, enough room to scale up and a strong vision of the factory of the future. In addition to offering a good commercial partnership, the location in the Dutch province of Drenthe is also a good base for the European rollout, which is expected to start mid-2020 in the Netherlands and Germany.

Etergo Appscooter Technologies Added_web
Credit: Etergo

As Emmen is just two hours from Amsterdam, Etergo engineers can offer support in the crucial first months in which production is started and scaled up. This allows for short communication lines and fast implementation of continuous improvements. Ensuring that it’s 100 percent ready to solve problems quickly, Etergo is adamant on avoiding the infamous ‘production hell’ of Tesla. Offering the square meters for producing up to 60,000 units per year for the Amsterdam company’s future products, Technologies Added is set to become the first large-scale electric motorcycle production facility in the Netherlands.

Etergo has the potential to become the world leader in the fast-growing e-scooter market. In their mission to drastically reduce air pollution, founders Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse were inspired by Tesla (link in Dutch). In a slick design, their Appscooter lifts the concept of the e-scooter to a higher level through a combination of safety, communication technology, apps and a luggage compartment that fits a beer crate. From a German car industry investor (link in Dutch) and more than five thousand investors in their community, Etergo raised a total of 20 million euros.


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Technologies Added was created in 2017, after the closure of the Philips factory in Emmen (link in Dutch). It’s set up as a smart factory with completely digitized production processes. The deal with Etergo was partly achieved with the support of the province of Drenthe and the Northern Development Agency (NOM). The project will create fifty new jobs, up to many hundreds in the long run. Suppliers from the region are also likely to be involved in the production of Appscooter components.