Paul van Gerven
8 October 2020

Arm’s customers can rest assured that their confidential information won’t be relayed to Nvidia, should the GPU company succeed in acquiring the British firm. A top Arm executive told Reuters that “firewalls” will be put in place to ensure this. Additionally, Nvidia won’t get early access to Arm’s latest designs.

Nvidia headquarters
Credit: Nvidia

Speaking at the Arm Dev Summit, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Arm CEO Simon Segars reiterated that they’re confident about convincing regulatory bodies to approve the 40 billion dollar deal. “This deal is about creating more and new technology. It’s about putting that technology in the hands of people who are going to build really cool stuff with it. So from that point of view, this is about enabling more people to do more things. That’s the positive thing, that as regulators do scrutinize this, they’re going to be able to see,” said Segars.

Huang said that he intends to make Nvidia’s architecture available through Arm’s licensing model, so that “companies of all different sizes and shapes, and different industries could take advantage of our IP and allow us to extend the accelerated computing vision we have to all industries.” Once customers see the potential of this, “they’re going to be really quite excited,” said Huang.