Nieke Roos
26 June 2019

Arnold Stokking has been appointed director of the Brightsite knowledge center. This center aims to make the process industry in general and the South Limburg Chemelot site, in particular, more sustainable and safe. Under Stokking’s leadership, the Brightsite partners – TNO, Sitech Services, Maastricht University and Brightlands Chemelot Campus – will start working on a program that aims to give an impulse to the development and commercial application of innovative technologies in support of those objectives.

TNO Arnold Stokking_web
Credit: TNO

“Brightsite’s assignment involves a large-scale public-private partnership with knowledge development from fundamental research to the realization of pilot installations on the Chemelot site,” explains Stokking, formerly the managing director at TNO Industry. “I’m proud to contribute to this important mission to curb global warming. We’re committed to sustainably safeguarding and promoting employment, first and foremost in Limburg, but also for other locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.”

Last year, the companies at Chemelot drew up a plan to achieve a climate neutral chemical site in 2050. Brightsite fulfills this ambition. In 2020, forty knowledge workers are expected to be active on and for the Chemelot site, with knowledge building and practical examples in the field of sustainability, which other European companies and industrial sites can also use in the long term.