Paul van Gerven
15 March

ASM International has acquired Reno Sub-Systems, a Nevada-headquartered supplier of RF power subsystems for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The company offers RF power generation and impedance matching of electrical loads used in the chip making process. ASMI says that “Reno’s high-performance RF matching networks and RF generators will enhance ASMI’s plasma products and solutions.” Due to its limited size, the acquisition isn’t expected to have a significant impact on 2022 earnings.

Reno Sub Systems
Reno Sub-Systems’ Precis solid-state RF power generator. Credit: Reno Sub-Systems

Reno Sub-Systems was founded in 2014 with backing from Intel Investment Group, among others. Its claim to fame is RF matching in microseconds, thanks to electronically variable capacitor matching network technology. The most common RF matching technology used at the time, ie vacuum variable capacitor technology, takes several seconds. By 2017, Reno enjoyed the support of several high-profile semicon companies, such as Samsung, SK Hynix and Lam Research.