Paul van Gerven
28 March

During the opening ceremony of a new manufacturing facility in Singapore, ASMI has announced the groundbreaking of a second manufacturing floor at the site. Expected to be production-ready in early 2023, the expanded factory will quadruple the company’s capacity in Singapore and triple its global capacity. ASMI assembles and tests deposition tools, including ALD en epitaxy tools.

Credit: ASMI

The Singapore expansion comes amidst recent global chip shortages. It will enable ASMI to capitalize on surging chip demand and help relieve the supply chain constraints the semiconductor industry has been experiencing, the firm states. “This strategic investment is increasing our ability to meet our customers’ demand and to support them transitioning to the next technology nodes,” comments CEO Benjamin Loh. “The expansion of our second floor will further provide us with the flexibility to grow our revenue to our previously communicated target of 2.8-3.4 billion euro by 2025, a CAGR of 16-21 percent over a five-year period.”