Paul van Gerven
26 February 2020

ASM International reports sales of 1.284 billion euros in 2019, which excluding 159 million euros proceeds from a patent settlement represents a 37 percent sales increase compared to 2018. By contrast, the sector as a whole saw sales decline high single-digit percentages on average. ASMI’s net earnings, including the settlement, increased from 170 to 343 million euros.

Credit: ASMI

The good results were enforced by an even better than expected closing quarter, with sales reaching a record 345 million euros, excluding a 56 million euro incoming settlement payment. Looking forward, ASMI expects 310-330 million euro sales in Q1 and 330-350 million euros in Q2. Depending on the timing of memory spending recovery – ASMI’s recent growth was driven almost exclusively by logic – the second half of 2020 could see even more orders coming in.