Paul van Gerven
25 May

ASM International considers the European Chips Act to be “well-timed and critical for Europe’s and our industry’s future. We’re eager to leverage our European innovation axis in line with these European objectives,” according to a position paper released by the company.

ASM A400
Credit: ASMI

ASMI says its primary contribution to the European semiconductor ambitions will align with the R&D objective of the Act. “We intend to bolster and expand our pan-European research organization, intensify our collaborations with research institutes.” The equipment manufacturer has a research site in Helsinki, a process integration site in Leuven and a product development site in Almere. Imec and the University of Helsinki are major R&D partners.

“We see our European ecosystem as a textbook example of how an integrated European economic market flourishes and elevates the Union as a whole. Therefore, we would applaud a Dutch government that takes the lead in aligning our efforts with Belgian, Finnish and European authorities with regard to the EU Chips Act,” ASMI intimates.