Jessica Vermeer
18 February 2020

ASML wants to have its own collective labor agreement and pull out of the sector agreement Metalektro. The company is discussing terms and conditions with several hundred employees. While unions FNV Metaal and CNV strongly disagree with the plan, De Unie is supporting it.

CNV board member Arjan Huizinga fears ASML’s pulling out will devaluate the sector agreement. “It leaves room for performance-related pays, which is a direction we don’t want to go. There already is room for deviation. Their leaving will cause ASML employees to be unable to work together with other employees in the sector.” He would be happy to enter into a discussion about customization within the sector agreement – “A collective labor agreement based on the sector collective labor agreement.”

ASML building

According to an ASML spokesperson, the concerns of FNV and CNV are premature, reports local newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad. The company told the unions in an informal meeting that an independent agreement will always be drawn up together with FNV, CNV, De Unie and VHP2. These discussions would start after permission to pull out of Metalektro has been granted.