Paul van Gerven
11 November 2022

ASML has become even more bullish about growth this decade. Ahead of an investor event on 11 November, the company said it expects to reach annual sales of 30-40 billion euros in 2025, up from a previous estimate of 24-30 billion euros. Continuing to grow in the second half of the decade, revenue will expand to 44-60 billion euros by 2030. The company’s previous most optimistic projection was about 50 billion euros. This year’s revenue is expected to come in at 21.2 billion euros.

ASML building 2
Credit: ASML

After comprehensively updating investors on demand and capacity growth about a year ago, new market intelligence soon compelled the Veldhoven-based semiconductor equipment manufacturer to explore options to ramp up production even further. The company now confirms it will increase annual capacity to 600 DUV and 90 EUV by 2025 and 2026, while also ramping High-NA EUV capacity to 20 systems in 2027-2028.

ASML is presenting its revised growth scenario as the semiconductor braces for a downturn. “While the current macro environment creates near-term uncertainties, we expect longer-term demand and capacity showing healthy growth,” the company said in a statement. ASML has previously said that US export restrictions to China will have limited impact on its bottom line.