Paul van Gerven
29 April

Intel fellow and director of lithography Mark Phillips dropped a few hints recently about hyper-NA-EUV lithography, the potential successor of ASML’s high-NA-EUV technology that’s currently being rolled out. Scotten Jones, president of Semiconductor Manufacturing at market research firm Techinsights, attended a press briefing at which it was revealed that the economics of the new 0.75-NA tool are being probed, suggesting that at least a rough design has been completed.

Intel High NA EUV 1
Intel has only just completed assembly of the first high-NA EUV tool and here we are talking about hyper-NA. Credit: Intel

Surprisingly, Phillips mentioned that the hyper-NA tool would be the same size as a 0.55-NA system. You’d expect hyper-NA optics – and therefore the entire tool – to be bigger than the high-NA mirror set, because of the simple fact that taking in a wider range of angles necessitates bigger mirror. The optics for high-NA-EUV lithography are about seven times larger in volume and weight than 0.33-NA-EUV optics, according to EUV optics manufacturer Zeiss.

ASML’s Martin van den Brink, who stepped down as CTO and co-president last week, has stated that “hyper-NA is certainly an opportunity that will become more visible from around 2030.”