Collin Arocho
16 February 2021

The US-based National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has released the names of its newest elected members. Notably on the list of international inductees are ASML’s President and CTO Martin van den Brink and Imec’s President and CEO Luc Van den hove. Van den Brink was selected for his efforts in “driving advances in optical and extreme ultraviolet lithography that enable smaller, faster and more energy-efficient semiconductor devices,” while Van den hove received the nod for his “leadership in major international industry-university collaborations for the semiconductor industry.”

Van den Brink Van den hove
Credit: ASML, Imec

Founded in 1964, the NAE is a private, independent, nonprofit institution that provides engineering leadership in service to the nation. Election to the Academy is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer in the US. Its mission is to advance the well-being of the nation by promoting a vibrant engineering profession and by marshaling the expertise and insights of eminent engineers to provide independent advice to the federal government on matters involving engineering and technology.