Nieke Roos
21 January 2021

The province of North Brabant and the municipality of Helmond are taking an important step towards the privatization of the Automotive Campus. They’ve signed a letter of intent to transfer the campus to its third owner, construction company Van de Ven, and a new partner, Marcel Boekhoorn’s Ramphastos Real Estate Investments. A number of issues still need to be worked out in more detail, including the collaboration, vision of the future, the agreements concerning the sale of the land and financing. The actual sale is expected to be concluded before summer.

Automotive Campus

In recent years, the government and Van de Ven have invested heavily in the development of the Automotive Campus. The province and municipality of Helmond believe further growth can be facilitated better and faster by a private party. The sale to Van de Ven and Ramphastos, also owner of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, offers a solid future.

“The further development of the Automotive Campus is important for Helmond,” says alderman Serge van de Brug of Economy and Innovation, Labor Market and Finance. “Not only for employment, but also for the automotive industry – with residents like Altran, Dens and Lightyear. We won’t let go completely but will continue to steer the campus together.”