Collin Arocho
11 January 2022

Axign and GaN Systems have revealed a new GaN-based 500 W Class-D audio amplifier. The next-gen amplifier merges the state-of-the-art Class-D controller of the Enschede-based audio control specialist with the Canadian company’s power transistors. The result of which is an audio system that’s smaller, sleeker, more efficient and more powerful while providing superior audio quality compared to previous generations.

Axign GaN
Credit: Axign

The new solution, which is hi-res audio compatible, solves several technical challenges. It helps reduce heat generation in high-power audio amplifiers, eliminating the need for heatsinks altogether. Designers will also be able to increase efficiency as GaN has lower switching and conduction losses and high-current capabilities. Furthermore, using a post-filter feedback Class-D controller with full control over the loudspeaker, they can enhance sound quality (as high as Class A).

“GaN-based audio amplifiers and accompanying power supplies are becoming the standard in audio systems, expanding possibilities in design and performance,” says Paul Wiener, GaN Systems’ VP of Strategic Marketing. “This collaboration with Axign for the 500 W Class-D audio amplifier encapsulates this evolution allowing the delivery of smaller, lighter and better sounding audio systems.”