Nieke Roos
10 April 2019

Barco has announced a strategic collaboration with Caresyntax, a German software solutions provider for surgical automation, analytics and AI. According to the Kortrijk-based imaging specialist, the partnership helps to accelerate the development of its Nexxis digital platform for streaming uncompressed, high-resolution video and audio in and between integrated operating rooms. Barco has also acquired a minority stake in Caresyntax by injecting 10 million dollars in the Berlin company’s recent round of growth equity financing.

Founded in 2013, Caresyntax utilizes its proprietary workflow automation and data warehousing platforms to design software applications that support medical device vendors, healthcare improvement specialists and caregivers in achieving increased workflow efficiency, patient safety and quality of surgical performance. The company’s products are used in 1,800 hospitals and are present in over 6,300 operating rooms. Its team of 115 people is located in Berlin, Boston and other regional offices.

Barco operating room_web
Photo: Barco

The partners will work on a joint development path towards a more comprehensive solution for the integrated digital operating room, consisting of the signal and data connectivity, workflow and analytics layers. Amongst others, this includes future development of machine learning and value-added applications for surgical risk management aimed at further enhancing knowledge sharing, increasing overall operating room efficiency and reducing surgical variability. Barco and Caresyntax will also resell each other’s current visualization solutions, like medical grade 4K monitors, video connectivity and management solutions, and modular in-wall control solutions.

In order to accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to their mutual clients, Barco will take a seat on the Caresyntax board of directors, led by Dennis Kogan, the German company’s chairman and CEO. ‘Tapping into Barco’s strong position in the global healthcare market will drastically broaden the reach of our software solutions,’ says Kogan. ‘Its prominent role in our recent investment round will also give us the necessary resources to compound the value of stand-alone applications by forming a turn-key surgical OS ecosystem. Together, we will move closer to fulfilling our common ambition: making surgery smarter and safer.’


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