Collin Arocho
6 February 2020

Following the success of its initial commercial test-phase, imaging specialist Barco is ready to bring Demetra, its AI skin-imaging solution to the global market. The system, which received its CE marking early last year, had a successful pilot roll-out in Germany and Belgium. Now, after clearing FDA approval last December, the Belgian company is looking to release its award winning imaging system to a broader audience in 2020 – particularly in the US.

Barco Demetra

The Demetra solution combines innovative AI functionalities with a design that allows dermatologists to take dermoscopic and clinical images. The platform is designed to make mapping, follow-up and comparison of skin lesions smoother and smarter. The integrated blend of advanced hardware and software technology is offered to dermatologists as a service with a monthly fee payment structure and offers quarterly downloadable software updates for users. Currently, there are roughly 100 pilot users with the number of scans rapidly approaching 10,000.

“Our scientists have worked for years already, in close collaboration with dermatologists, on AI algorithms that have the potential to change how screening, diagnosis and follow-up of skin cancer is being done,” says Tom Kimpe, Vice President Technology and Innovation at Barco. “Several advanced functionalities have reached the point where they can leave the lab environment and are ready to be integrated in our solution. For Demetra, our 2020 efforts will be focused on further expanding our user-base, moving into new regions, but also on adding exciting new clinical and workflow-functionalities to the solution.”