Jessica Vermeer
27 August 2020

Nyxoah wants to raise new funds through an initial public offering. The Walloon health tech company is developing and commercializing an ‘anti-snore chip’ to treat sleep-disordered breathing conditions. The IPO is scheduled for Euronext in September. Current shareholders are committed to subscribe for an aggregate amount of 15 million euros. Just six months ago, the company raised 25 million in a private funding round.

Nyxoah Genio neurostimulator
Credit: Nyxoah

Nyxoah’s Genio system is a CE-mark validated, user-centered, bilateral neurostimulation therapy device to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the world’s most common sleep-disordered breathing condition. 936 million people between 30 and 69 years old are suffering from OSA globally. About 425 million moderate-to-severe OSA patients would require treatment. According to Nyxoah, its Genio system is the world’s first and only battery-free, minimally invasive and leadless neurostimulator implant.