Collin Arocho
24 September 2020

Just a few weeks into the new semester, and the university solar-car teams are back in action in the 2020 European Solar Challenge. Fresh off their 2019 World Solar Challenge victory, Belgiums’s Agoria Solar Team was once again crowned champion. The KU Leuven students and their car Bluepoint recorded the most laps (60) at the 24 hour, Le-Mans-style race held at Circuit Zolder in Belgium. Previous champs, Solar Team Twente came in second place, completing 38 laps, including the competition’s fasest lap, with Northern Netherlands Dutch Solar Racing rounding out the top three of the challenger class. The cruiser class had only two participants, the Stella Vie, which completed 161 laps, and the Stell Era, which won the class with 229 laps – both from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Credit: Ilumen European Solar Challenge