Jessica Vermeer
20 August 2020

Infosequre and the Cyber Resilience Center Brainport (CWB) have started a collaboration. As a partner to the CWB, the Hilversum company wants to help high tech and manufacturing companies around Eindhoven to develop a strong cybersecurity culture.

Recently, according to a report by Eindhovens Dagblad, one of the VDL subsidiaries fell victim to a Russian hacker. The Brainport companies hope to arm themselves against future attacks by collaborating with the government. The CWB receives information on potential threats directly from the National Cyber Security Center.

Cyber CWB
Credit: Cyber Resilience Center Brainport

According to Infosecure, digitalization makes the high tech and manufacturing industry vulnerable to phishing attacks, hacks, viruses, malware and data theft attempts. Most companies are aware of the risks and build solid technical protection walls. However, true resilience requires safe handling of information by employees.

Infosequre director Ernst Bouwman states that although high-tech and manufacturing companies often become victim to cybercrime, security awareness isn’t prioritized. By collaborating with the CWB, he wants to make awareness programs easily accessible within the Brainport region and help strengthen the human factor.


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