Paul van Gerven
16 January

Quantum photonics startup Quix Quantum has found a chairman of the supervisory board: Andrew Wallace. The Brit previously held global commercial and marketing roles in the electronics and telecom industries at the €0.5-1.25B euro level, including French satellite operator Eutelsat Communications and UK broadband media company Pace (now Arris). Wallace also worked with and for several European startups. Most recently, until 2022, he was CEO of the thin-film photonics company Pyreos, which was sold to Broadcom.

Quix Andrew Wallace
Credit: Quix

“Quix has a pleasingly high momentum right now in the development of technical and management capabilities at all levels. A motivated board with an experienced chairman will help us through our scale-up phase,” says CEO Stefan Hengesbach of Quix Quantum, “I’m very excited about Andrew’s commitment as he understands deep-tech startups and has excellent technical and sales expertise to base decisions on.”

The photonic quantum processors developed by Enschede-based Quix work by directing photons through a matrix of photonic components on a chip, and their quantum mechanical interactions generate non-classical processing power. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) recently commissioned Quix to build a universal quantum computer based on this principle.