Nieke Roos
15 November 2021

Capgemini Engineering (formerly Altran) has signed an agreement to become the first implementation partner of TNO’s ESI. This allows the methodologies and tools developed by the joint innovation center to be applied on a larger scale within the high-tech industry. At the same time, ESI can continue to focus on furthering its work in areas like diagnostics, model-based engineering and reference architectures.

“Software engineering automation is the key to managing the complexity of high-tech systems,” comments Lars Seegers, the managing director of Capgemini Engineering. “Our experts have studied the methodologies and tools that ESI has developed in collaboration with industry and tested them at leading players. We’re convinced that they’re ground-breaking and of great value to our customers in high tech.”

Canon VPiX paper path
ESI’s methodologies and tools were developed with and tested by partner companies. Canon Production Printing has teamed up with TNO’s joint innovation center to identify potentially failing parts and predict potential issues in production printers. Credit: Canon Production Printing, CC BY 4.0

ESI’s partner network already included ASML, Canon Production Printing (formerly Océ), ITEC (Nexperia), Philips, Thales, Thermo Fisher Scientific, TNO and the universities of Amsterdam, Delft, Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Twente. “Our methodologies and tools were developed with and tested by them. The collaboration with Capgemini Engineering ensures that other companies can also make use of this knowledge,” says Frans Beenker, ESI’s business director. “By sharing our knowledge, we expect to make a good contribution to the leading position of the Dutch economy.”