Paul van Gerven
10 December 2019

CEA-Leti has ordered a pulsed laser deposition (PLD) system from Solmates. After installing the system in the first half of next year, the French research institute and the University of Twente spinoff will start a joint program to develop thin-film materials for 5G applications.

In PLD, a material is shot with a laser pulse, creating a ‘plume’ of plasma that subsequently deposits on a substrate as an extremely thin film. By shooting different targets in a specific order, materials made-to-order can be created layer by layer.

Solmates HVM tool 02
Credit: Solmates

Originally, PLD could cover only small surfaces, but over the years, Solmates has extended the coverage. The system ordered by CEA-Leti is 300-mm-wafer capable, as well as compatible with established tool cluster platforms used in semiconductor manufacturing. “We’re excited about this collaboration as this will boost our mission to provide PLD as manufacturing-ready technology for deposition of thin films,” said Arjen Janssens, CEO of Solmates.