Paul van Gerven
15 January 2020

China might retaliate if the Dutch government continues to block shipment of an ASML EUV scanner to China, Chinese ambassador Xu Hong warns in an interview with het Financieele Dagblad. “We wouldn’t want the Dutch to cave in under US pressure. Should that happen, it would affect the relationship between our countries in a negative way,” Xu told the daily.

Credit: ASML

The Chinese EUV order is currently on hold while the Dutch government considers granting an export license. According to previous reports, the license wasn’t renewed after an extensive lobby by the US, arguing EUV technology in Chinese hands would raise security concerns. Xu vehemently denies this, instead pointing to the US as the aggressor by spreading misinformation among its Western allies, among other things.

Xu didn’t go into detail as to what repercussions could follow if the export isn’t sanctioned.