Paul van Gerven
24 May 2022

China’s IC production will represent 21.2 percent of its own chip market in 2026, IC Insights predicts. That’s up 4.5 percentage points from this year and 8.5 percent percentage points from 2011. Although the share is increasing, it falls far short of official targets, which call for a domestic production share of 70 percent by 2025.

China IC market

Furthermore, foreign companies such as Intel, Samsung and TSMC take care of the majority (over 60 percent) of China-based IC production. Of the 31.2 billion dollars worth of ICs manufactured in China last year, China-headquartered companies accounted for only 6.6 percent of its 186 billion dollar IC market. IC Insights estimates that this figure will climb to 10 percent in 2026.