Paul van Gerven
8 March 2022

Frustrated by a lack of progress in negotiating a salary increase and employment conditions, over half of the employees at Goodix’s chip design center in Nijmegen went on strike on Monday 7 March, labor union CNV reports. Conveying the message that management shouldn’t play games, they played chess, checkers and other games during working hours. The labor strike was initiated after management didn’t respond to an ultimatum set last month.

Goodix fingerprint sensor
Credit: Goodix

Shenzhen-headquartered Goodix is an integrated chip design and software provider for biometrics and human-interface subsystems. It employs roughly 2,200 people worldwide and supplies customers such as Huawei, Samsung, Google and Amazon. The department in Nijmegen, acquired from NXP two years ago, focuses on speech and audio solutions.

CNV is demanding a new collective labor agreement after the previous one expired, a 3.5 percent salary increase and an updated redundancy plan.