Paul van Gerven
8 April 2020

The Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) and Tegema have joined forces to develop integrated photonics assembly processes and production equipment. The goal is to build a highly flexible back-end platform capable of handling a wide range of integrated photonics packages. Due to a lack of standardization, newly developed integrated photonics technologies currently require tailor-made assembly and packaging solutions, which leads to high costs and risks.

The recently launched CITC, located on the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen, focuses on advanced packaging solutions, including heterogeneous integration. To this, Tegema adds its expertise in high-precision alignment equipment, used to attach optical fibers to photonics packages. Hoping to cover the entire value chain eventually, the partners will soon start to approach additional parties to join the collaboration.

Tegema platform
Tegema’s Indigo product line for semiautomatic optical component assembly. Credit: Tegema