Nieke Roos
7 March 2023

Co-founder Hans Verhagen is leaving Prodrive. He’s stepping down from the supervisory board and selling all his shares to founder and CEO Pieter Janssen and HAL Investments. As a result of the transaction, HAL’s stake in the Eindhoven-based technology group increases from the initial 31.5 percent it acquired last year to 47.2 percent. The remaining shares are held by Janssen, management and employees.

Prodrive HQ
Credit: Prodrive

Founded in 1993, Prodrive designs and manufactures high-tech electronics, software and mechatronic products and systems. It operates four dedicated R&D programs and three highly automated manufacturing sites and owns subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the US, China, Israel, Germany and Japan. Acknowledging Verhagen’s contribution as co-founder and former CEO, Janssen, HAL and management are committed to proceeding and investing in the company’s growth trajectory and business plan.