Jessica Vermeer
12 August 2020

Crescent, the technology group that holds Option, launches a new social distancing alarm developed at Flanders Make. Option will add the devices, based on ultrawideband (UWB) technology, to its portfolio and commercialize them worldwide. The safe-distance UWB alarms will be available from the second half of August.

Flanders Make started development at the outbreak of the corona pandemic. The Leuven organization states that worldwide flare-ups of infections and the threat of new local lockdowns confirm the need for means to combat the spread of the virus. Its social distancing alarm, Safedistance UWB, should assist companies in keeping their people working.

Flanders Make Safedistance
Credit: Flanders Make

The alarm is based on UWB technology that Flanders Make previously applied in developments for self-driving vehicles. It works entirely locally, both indoors and outdoors, doesn’t require a fixed infrastructure and respects employee privacy.