Paul van Gerven
18 December 2023

Germany will go ahead with subsidizing Intel’s fab near Magdeburg and TSMC’s fab near Dresden. Following the announcement that the federal government’s budget crisis had been resolved, an official from the Ministry of Economics confirmed to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur that the industrial projects will get the previously agreed-upon support. The public funding was called into question after the constitutional court put a stop to a budget reallocation of funds intended to free up the billions in subsidies.

Intel Magdeburg

Intel is planning to build a new chip factory near Magdeburg. The investment amounts to around 30 billion euros, of which the state intends to contribute around ten billion. TSMC is partnering with NXP, Infineon and Robert Bosch for a 10-billion-euro semiconductor factory in Dresden. The state subsidy here is expected to be around five billion.