Paul van Gerven
1 October 2020

Technobis Group has appointed Daan Kersten as CEO. Kersten, co-founder and former CEO of metal additive manufacturing systems provider Additive Industries, will be tasked with carving out and scaling the Alkmaar-based company’s integrated photonics activities to a global level. He replaces Daan Koppen de Neve, who took the helm when private equity fund Active Capital Company (ACC) acquired a majority stake in Technobis last year. Soon after, a 7 million euro capital injection aimed at scaling up its photonic sensing business was announced.

Daan Kersten
Daan Kersten will lead the rollout of Technobis’ integrated photonics products.

“I’m proud to be trusted with the heritage of Dutch integrated photonics sensing pioneer Pim Kat and his team. The photonics industry resembles the additive manufacturing market when I founded Additive Industries: the technology was almost mature and ready for industrial applications. I’m eager to catch this new wave in integrated photonics,” comments Kersten.

One year after the acquisition, ACC “realizes the potential of Technobis’ integrated photonics sensing is far larger than we could have hoped for. We’re therefore proud and excited that Daan – with his track record in scaling up high-tech companies – can help Technobis unlock this potential the coming years,” says Victor Schols, partner at ACC.

Kersten left Additive Industries at the end of June this year (link in Dutch), selling his stake in the company to shareholder Highlands Beheer.


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