Nieke Roos
18 April 2019

The Belgian electronics services supplier Dekimo has expanded its activities in the Netherlands. It has created an Eindhoven subsidiary and has opened an office at the High Tech Campus, which is managed by Koen Broers. At his former employer DCD Europe and Brunel and Yer before that, Broers has built up solid experience in electronics and software services. With Dekimo Experts Eindhoven, he will serve the south of the Netherlands with consultancy related to the Internet of Things, focusing on electronics and embedded software.

Following the Delft subsidiary established in 2017, the Eindhoven office is Dekimo’s second consultancy unit in the Netherlands. There are also three Belgian branches: Ghent, Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve. Dekimo now has fifteen locations in total from which around 300 professionals provide development and consultancy services to its customers: Ghent (2), Leuven (2), Courtrai, Turnhout, Erpe-Mere (2), Louvain-la-Neuve (2) and Liège in Belgium, Goes, Delft and Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Paris, France.

Next to development and consultancy services, Dekimo also offers assembly and series production of PCBs.

Dekimo has over 30 years’ experience in electronics and software for telecom, pharma, automotive, aerospace, banking, medical, and IoT in general. Next to electronics and software development and consultancy services, it offers compliance measurement and testing, PCB layout, assembly and series production, and mechatronics solutions.