Paul van Gerven
23 February

Quantware has launched a quantum processor that leverages 3D technology to enable massive scaling. Previous-generation devices based on superconducting circuits have been planar: the connections between the qubits and the outside world were routed to the edges of the chip. This limits the number of qubits on a single substrate. Quantware’s Tenor features vertical connections, allowing the technology “to scale to thousands of qubits,” according to the company.

The number of qubits is equivalent to the number of transistors: more means a more powerful chip. Since qubits are far more wobbly than transistors, quantum chips need redundancy to compensate for the errors that arise. Because the Tenor’s qubits are fully controllable, these processors are very suitable for such error-correction schemes.

Quantware Tenor
Credit: Quantware

“The technology on which Tenor is built will massively scale the size of the devices available to the quantum market in the coming years,” comments CEO Matthijs Rijlaarsdam of Quantware. “There are scores of great quantum computing solutions but there hasn’t been the tech available to enable them to significantly scale – until now. Similar to how the emergence of fabless companies revolutionized the semicon industry by significantly lowering the bar to entry, we’ll be able to provide the design elements and fabrication that will enable many more quantum startups to scale, innovate and compete.”