Paul van Gerven
5 October 2021

The Quantum Technology Lab of Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology decided to pair its 20-qubit quantum computer with a control stack developed by Dutch startup Qblox. “This request for a control stack for 20 qubits is the first of its kind in the world. The Qblox team is proud to service the Quantum Technology Lab at Chalmers University,” says Qblox CEO Niels Bultink.

Qblox control stack
Credit: Daniel Verkerk

Qblox, a spinoff from Delft quantum technology institute Qutech, develops scalable and modular control stacks for quantum computers. Integrating several functions into one device, the company squeezes some bulky equipment into a handy little box, offering scalability, ultra-low signal noise and low-latency feedback. The control system is compatible with several types of quantum computers.