Jessica Vermeer
3 September 2019

This summer, Delft start-up Momo Medical introduced its Bedsense to the Dutch market. This sensor is a preventative tool against pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores.

Pressure ulcers often occur with patients who are bed-ridden. Care is both time and cost intensive. Momo’s Bedsense can be placed below the mattresses of patients who are at risk of developing such wounds. Through smart sensors and advanced algorithms, it charts the movement behavior of patients. This feedback is provided to the nurses, so they can act to avoid the bedsores. The technique was tested within the Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft, where it proved to strengthen a preventative approach.

Momo Bedsense_web
Credit: Momo Medical

Momo was founded in 2017 within the Yes!Delft incubator. Within two years, Bedsense was developed and certified as a medical tool. The start-up was aided by an investment by Fundiqare (link in Dutch).