Nieke Roos
24 January

Yes!Delft startup Venturi Aviation has unveiled the scale mockup of its all-electric commuter aircraft, codenamed Echelon 01. Driven by battery power only, the zero-emission 44-seater combines 550 km of range with ultra-silent operation. Venturi aims to have it enter into service by the end of 2028.

Venturi Echelon 01
Measuring 36 meters in length and a wingspan of 38 meters, Echelon 01 is specified to have a cruising speed of 264 knots, a climb rate of 1850 feet per minute, a maximum takeoff weight of 45,000 kg, with a payload of almost 5,000 kg. Credit: Venturi

Upon arrival at its destination, Echelon 01 is automatically recharged with up to 9 MW of power using one of Venturi’s robotized fast-charging systems. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of flight time, charging takes 35 minutes. Typically operating five times per day, battery replacement is expected every 1.5 years. Utilizing a unique replacement technology, the aircraft is then upgraded with more advanced batteries and more range.